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Wifi Tec is a leading in security system integration solution provider offering complete Security Systems, IT, Low Current, Integrated and Home Automation Solutions, RFID solutions and has a rich portfolio across the region.



Security Systems

CCTV and Surveillance Systems - IP Cameras - Access Control Systems

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Networking and Communication

Local Area Networks - Wide Area Networks - Wireless and Network Management - Bandwidth Optimization

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Home Automation and Control Systems

Secure and connected Home - Run And Control your Connected home (Discover our apps)

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RFID Solution

Asset and Tracking Management - End-to-End Solution with Security systems - Loyalty System - Etc…..

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Data Storage

Desktop and server - Data Backup & Archive solutions - Storage Infrastructure - Systems Management

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Retail shopping centers

Medical facilities


Educational Venues









Years of experience

Our Partners

Over the years WiFi Tec Services developed a unique and refined management style. This is achieved through its experienced staff, using the latest technologies, ensuring the utmost satisfaction of its clients by choosing the best partner according to their respective needs.

Latest news

Data Centre At AEC

A ceremony was held at AZM University campus on the occasion of signing an MOU between AZM University and Wi-Fi TEC, regarding the implementation of a Data Center seeking the integration of a state of the art network infrastructure in the field of education. At the MOU signing ceremony, AZM University was represented by its President, Professor Hanafy Holail, and Wi-Fi TEC was represented by its Managing Director, Mr. Karim Ghandour. Wi-Fi TEC and AZM Educational (AEC) have since enjoyed a long-standing friendship with each other. Over the last years, many IT solutions and Network infrastructure have been implemented in the field of education at AEC, in which Wi-Fi TEC was part of. Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Karim Ghandour expressed his sincere gratitude to the President of the university and everyone whose dedication and efforts have contributed to the finalization of this MOU. He also extended his appreciation to Mr. Omar Adra, Director at AEC, in addition to other colleagues. In closure, both parties considered this Memorandum a commitment to work closer for future common goals which will strengthen the relationship between AEC and Wi-Fi TEC.